About writing


Writing is a big challenge for me – not because English is my second language, but because I have a fear of writing. I feel that I’m not able to express myself in writing. I have thought this since I was a child.

Last Monday, I got back an assignment from my writing course. I had to write a persuasive letter to convince people to read my blog. I’m happy with my mark, but the comment from the teacher was telling – “add more personal information and stories. The blog is about your experience.” This comment got at the point of why I am scared of writing. I have never felt written words could show my passion for life, my interests, and my experiences in the same way that conversation could.

Last Friday, in my strategic marketing course, I had to do a presentation about an article titled “McDonald’s in India.” The article was about the analysis and strategy planning that McDonald’s did to before it opened its first restaurant in India. At the beginning of my presentation, I used a personal story to show the parallelism of being an immigrant and establishing a business in a new country. When a business wants to open doors in a new country, it must research about the customs, the policies, and so on. If it does not do that, things will not go well. The same situation happens when you are an immigrant. You are who you are, but you need time to understand the new culture. At the end of the presentation, one of my classmates told me that she liked how I used a personal story in my presentation.

This writing course – and this blog – is giving me the opportunity to discover the power of the written word and of the importance of connecting to the reader. I understand now that I can carry on a conversation with written words as well as with spoken words. I am slowly losing my fear of writing. I am starting to feel comfortable and happy when I write. I’m getting there.


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