School begins

My first day as a student was both one of the most terrifying and one of the most exciting days of my life. I drove to school with a big question mark in my mind and butterflies in my stomach. I was worried that because I was an older student and an immigrant I would not fit in. When I walked into the classroom and I saw two women who looked about the same age as me, I began to relax. The instructor had us all introduce ourselves and explain why we wanted to enrol in the program. I found out then that I was not the only student for whom English is not the first language. I could relax even more! One day during break, everybody was chatting, and someone asked, “Who is from the 90s?” I thought to myself, “Almost everyone here was born in the 1990s. My son is from the 90s.” And so, while I was relatively comfortable around these people, for the first few weeks – as an immigrant and as the oldest student in the course – I felt that I didn’t have too many things in common with the others in my class, and it bothered me. I didn’t know how to move forward. For many weeks, I carried those feelings around in my backpack. Then, one day, I realized that this is who I am. Suddenly, my differences from everyone else didn’t matter.
After three months of school, I love to be there. I love the feeling of being a student again. I love the stress that I have some days. I like the people with whom I am sharing this journey. I love the exercise of thinking. I love to feel that my life is in my hands. And for the first time, I’m enjoying what I’m doing now without any pressure of the future.
Last summer I saw the movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” This movie was such an inspiration. There was a line in the movie that I am trying to live my life by: “Everything will be alright at the end, if it’s not right it is not the end.”


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