Trying to figure it out

When I was trying to figure out what to study, I discovered the Public Relations and Marketing certificate. It was difficult to think myself in this program. Too many preconceived notions popped into my mind. I spent a long time wondering if this was the program for me. One day, when I was talking with my husband about the pros and cons of this program, he said, “Marcela, you didn’t choose to work with books, the books chose you. Why you don’t go with the flow this time, too.”

Sometimes life shows you what to do – you just need to keep your eyes open and follow the signs. This has been my style. For example, I never thought about working with books until the day someone offered me a job in a publishing company. I fell in love with the job.

As I thought about this, I decided to register in Public Relations and Marketing program. I wrote the statement of purpose, filled in the forms and, when I was accepted, sent an email confirming that I would be enrolling in the program. I’m certain that this year will provide me with the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge, learn new skills, and gain new experience. This time next year, I’m looking forward to falling in love with my new job!


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